September 1, 2018

Spontaneous fermentation of Ginger Wine

I have recently become inspired by making home made fermented beverages. My latest experiment is ginger wine. Here are approximate quantities used:

  • 2 kg ginger roots
  • 2 l water
  • 1.7 l caster sugar

Last Thursday, on 2018-08-30, I started a batch. I coarsely grated the ginger roots using a machine and put in a big jar. Then poured over water in which sugar had been dissolved. I dissolved the sugar in the water by boiling it on a stove plate and let it cool down. Now I will just leave it in the jar covered by a linen, to keep the insects away from it. Hopefully it will start to ferment from whatever yeast happens to be in there...

Ginger wine jar

Progress (updated)

2018-08-30: Prepared batch

2018-09-03: Observed first bubbles

2018-10-01: No more bubbles observed, so I got impatient and added 12 g of bread yeast. After that, fermentation started and went on for about 2 weeks. Once it had stopped, I bottled it. Someone explained to me that ginger is an antiseptic, which prevents spontaneous fermentation.

2018-11-01: I opened a bottle and tasted it, but even though it had some sweetness to it and wasn't very acid, it was not that tasty after all.

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